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Steps to a Cleaner Vehicle

Step 1:  Tire Cleaner
Step 2:  Pre-Soak
Step 3:  Wash
Step 4:  Foam Brush
Step 5:  Wax
Step 6:  Rinse
Step 7:  Spot Free Rinse
Step 8:  Towel Off or Use Air Shammee



Vended Car Care Products


Armor All Original Protectant (Sponge & Spray)

Offers protection to block harmful UV rays and keeps vinyl from aging, fading and cracking. Protects and shines rubber and plastic as well.

Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Great for removing dirt, road grime, tar, grease and brake dust.

Armor All Tire Cleaner

Cleans tires quickly with no wiping and leaves tires with incredible shine. Protects against the elements that fade and crack sidewalls of tires.

Aqua Towels

This absorbent, reusable towel is great for hand drying vehicle.

Car Freshener

Attractive, long lasting fresheners keep the inside of your vehicle smelling great. Masks odors!

Moist Wipe Glass Cleaner

These self-drying towelette remove road and smoke film to improve visibility. Leaves your windows streak-free and lint-free


Q. Can I just wash my car in my driveway?
A. Yes, but you will spend more time and use 3 times more water than at our carwash.
Q. Where is change machine located?
A. Just to the west of automatic bay
Q. Where is my receipt?
A. With our new cashless system, CryptoPay, all of your purchases are tracked online and can be viewed 24/7, two hours after last usage.
Q. When are you open?
A. 24/7/365
Q. Where is the Air Shammee located?
A. The Air Shammee is located in bay # 3 closest to the automatic 
Q. Is it worth it to use the wax options?
A. Yes, wax helps cut or rinse the soap from the car surface and allows wax to adhere to surface better offering better protection. 
Q. What is Spot Free?
A. Spot Free water is ultra filtered water that has <1 ppm solids (soft water is 10-20 ppm). Solids in water can leave spots after drying. Using Spot Free water leaves your vehicle spot free! 
Q. What is Rain X surface Protectant?
A. Revolutionary new product that adheres almost instantly to the surface providing a layer of protection against the elements. It behaves like a sealant that protects water, dirt, salt and grime from penetrating/reaching your vehicle surface.