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The CrytoPay system just got better!  Introducing CryptoTap!

  • CryptoTap is the most advanced contactless mobile wallet payment system in the industry!
  • CryptoTap allows you to use your mobile device to pay for wash services.   It’s quick, easy, secure and of course contactless.
  • CryptoTap units are located next to the Cryptopay card swipers on all the manual bays as well as the automatic.  Just look for the contactless symbol -  cryptopay-symbol  , select your mobile wallet on your smart phone or other mobile device (or your credit card with the contactless symbol) and tap it on the CryptoTap unit and you are up and running.   The timers operate the same as with the CryptoPay credit card swipe unit.  Just push the button for additional time.  It’s that easy.
  • Try the new CryptoTap system and see just how easy it is to wash your vehicle!
CryptoPay Credit Card Swiper

**CryptoPay is now available at all carwash stations!

  • It's convenient! No more fumbling for quarters or hassling with rejected bills.
  • Track all your purchases online through secure, paperless receipts!
  • Great for company cars and fleet vehicles.

1. Swipe your Debit or Credit

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

2. Only Pay for the Time You Used!

  • No Minimum Purchase Required either!

3. View your Receipt Online