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Touchless automatic with 4 wash options
NOW Accepts Credit Cards
3 manual bays
2 combination vacuums (Vacuum and Shampoo; Vacuum and Fragrance)
3 Standard Powerful High Suction Vacuums
Air Shammee Air Dryer
CryptoPay Cashless System
  -- (see CryptoPay page for more information)


Rain X Surface protectant
Hot water wash and rinse
Assortment of Armor All Car Care Products
High quality Blendco brand soaps, foams, and waxes
Two Tokenote (coupon) options available


Clean and well maintained equipment and facilities
Surveillance monitoring throughout
Well lighted location


CryptoPay is now available at all carwash stations!

CryptoPay is a high security cashless system to operate all the car wash services we offer.

  • It's convenient! No more fumbling for quarters or hassling with rejected bills.
  • It saves money! You pay only for the time you use.
  • Track all your purchases online through secure, paperless receipts!
  • Great for company cars and fleet vehicles.